5 Songs that brought Timaya to Limelight you don’t know

5 Songs that brought Timaya to Limelight you don’t know

Inetimi Timaya Odon, Popularly known by his stage name, Timaya was born on the 15th of of August 1977. He is a Nigeria Popular Singer, Vocalist and song writer.

He was born in Port Harcourt, Rivers state Nigeria. Timaya hails from Odi, Bayelsa state, Nigeria. He grew up as part of a large family of fifteen children. He is the youngest among them.

His father was a banker and his mother a trader. As a family, they lived in Agile Estate, Port Harcourt .

Timaya had his primary school Education at Assemblies of God Nursery and Primary School, where he obtained his First school leaving Certificate.

After graduating from Primary school, Timaya started his secondary Education at Nkpolu Oroworukwo in Port Harcourt .He stubborn as a child, so he would often break his to attend late night music event.

During his secondary school days, his mother arranged for him to travel to Lagos along side with his older brother and sister.

Therefore, as a kid who has heard a lot about Lagos state and how things are moving in a fascinating way there which includes music, Timaya was super excited.

After moving to the City of Lagos, he enrolled into Ikeja Grammar School, where obtained his Secondary School Certificate.

However, Inetimi Timaya was very intelligent while in Secondary school which made almost all his teachers to love him except for his stubborn attitude.

Thereafter, Timaya returned to Port Harcourt. He gained admission into tertiary institution to study Banking and Finance. So badly, He performed poorly I’m examinations and dropped out after first semester.

It was unbelievable, how an intelligent boy just turned to something else over night. It was said that music took over him and had derailed his academic life. So funny enough, Timaya didn’t give a damn.

Later on, He moved back to Lagos where he joined Eedris Abdulkareem’s hihop as a back up vocalist. After working for Eedris for three years, Timaya parted ways with the group to focus on his solo career.

Been very keen at his career, Timaya began to record, Collaborating with fellow up-and-coming artistes and also made his first Cameo appearance in an unreleased music video by UDX, a Lagos-based rap music group.

Still very determined to achieve his, He eventually met producer Obaksolo in Mafoluku, Oshodi same in Lagos state, who produced his major hit record ‘Dem Mama’ after hearing him perform the acapella verison of the with such enthusiasm and passion.

‘ music is life ‘ as he will always say. Timaya was struggling to make sure his voice is heard. During those time of his struggles, he met Namse Udosen (Menthol X) and worked with him On the track ‘ Pomporo ‘ on his first Studio Album titled “True story”

On August 2013, the song was Described based on the interview posted on the above mentioned date.

When asked, he said ” Dem mama an account of the 1999 destruction of Odi, a river side community in Niger Delta. Soldiers were hunting down militants, they allegedly killed eight policemen. The village was burnt down and numerous people killed. I bravely tackled the issues years later and won instant credibility for my boldness”.

So in this Article, I will be sharing with you the 5 Songs that brought Timaya to limelight you don’t know.

1.Dem mama :

The song ‘ Dem mama ‘ was written and recorded by Popular Nigeria Reggae and dance hall Artiste, Timaya on the 19th of August 2007.

The song was produced by Ksolo, the producer he met earlier on in Oshodi-Lagos. Ksolo produced the song with amazing and enough Energy regarding to the promise he made to him after watching him perform the song ‘Dem mama’ acapella.

The song was released under his first Debut studio album “True story” which was released the same year in 2007. Dem mama earned Timaya a lot of respect and just a week after the release, it became the a banger on every street in Nigeria.

As people started talking and gisting about Timaya and his song ‘Dem mama’, he was busy performing the single in so many concerts he was confirmed as a performing artiste.

2.Plantain boy :

Plantain boy came as a surprise. Indeed it came unaware . people were still vibing to Dem mama, Timaya dropped plantain on September 7th 2009 shortly after the release, the single became a popular song on the street.

However, People expressed their love for the song, the lyrics, the theme, the meaning and even the video of the song s totally original and thrilling.

Plantain boy gave a lot of people hustling on the street hope to keep pushing letting them know that there is always a light at the end of every tunnel.

The song was produced by ksolo as well. During those days, plantain boy is a song often played on the radio and even on the Television in every Nigerian Family house .

His die hard fan made it their permanent phone call ring tone. Truly the song is indeed a hit and is also among the song that brought Timaya to Limelight.

3.Bum Bum :

Bum bum was written and recorded by Singer, Timaya. It was released under his Debut studio album ‘ Upgrade ‘ on the 12th of june, 2012.

The song and its video went viral a few minute after it was released. It was banging on every speaker in the street of Lagos and even in the rural area of Nigeria and across Africa.

To this effect, Timaya featured Sean Paul on the remix which was released on the 12th August, 2013, by Aristokrat Records L.I.F.E.

However, the song sold about 40,000 copies on the first day of it’s release. Bum bum gained massive acceptance from the street and also earned Timaya so much money same year and years after.

Indeed Bum bum is also one of the songs that brought Timaya to Limelight.

4.Sexy Ladies :

Sexy ladies was written and recorded by Nigeria popular Singer, Timaya. The song was produced by Young D in 2012. It was released under his Debut studio album “Upgrade”.

The song earned him too much recognition from all over Africa. The hit single became most preferred and frequently played song on almost every Night club in Nigeria and some part of Africa, even in the United states and United Kingdom.

However, the hit single ‘Sexy ladies’, has this kind of sound that brought Pop, hipop and Afro pop culture together which made it very unique thereby placing the Talented producer ‘Young D’ to high level of respect.

For the uniqueness, sexy ladies, got the singer so many shows in and across Africa; even till date, he still performs the song on different concert.

The hit single is indeed among the song that brought Timaya to limelight.

5.Watta Bam Bam:

Watta bambam, as the name implies, is song that was written and recorded by the singer Timaya. It was released under his Debut studio album “De Rebirth” .

The hit single over the street after it was released. Its earned Timaya so many Awards for his ever amazing talent and strong perseverance towards his music career

When the song was first released, it got people thinking at the same time excited because at first hearing, one can learn, master and even recite the lyrics off hand without looking at the paper.

The lyrics of the song thrilled every one as well. One can attest that watta bam bam is among the songs that brought Timaya to Limelight.


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